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Thursday, November 18th, 2010
12:11 am
HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!
Monday, May 14th, 2007
6:35 pm

Which of theses best describes you when it comes to XXX sex games:

To find others to ACTually PLAY Adult Games with..
You've played Adult Games in the past...
You have some Adult Game ideas, want feedback
Like THINKing about playing them, but not PLAYing
Want to see what others see in it (cause u dont)
Sex shouldn't be so serious, but how to do that?
You're a WINNER!! Always. (Neurotic game-player)
Like the way Adult Twister rug-burns your skin..
I have NO IDEA!! now stay away... I've got mace!!
Where am I??
All of the above
None of the above

Current Mood: quixotic
6:23 pm
Would anyone actually play?
Okay, this idea originally started out in my 'vanilla' circle of social friends, as a costume party, but where we would all dress up as EACH OTHER, randomly-assigned, and 'be' that person, as much as possible, for the whole night..

..which lead me, of course, to instantly urge it towards 'full' role playing... meaning: if I'm playing a friend who has a girlfriend/wife, then whoever's coming as the girlfriend/wife and I would, as best as possible, act and do what THAT person would... if they're known for having sex on the couch in the living-room before they leave, well, then, that's what we need to do... possibly even with going home with each other, and having after-party frisky-sex, just like our 'costume' counterpart would...

But, alas, no one but us was going for it...

...so, as time has gone on, my mind has twisted it into more of a 'swinger party-interaction game', aimed at getting lifestylers to meet-and-interact with those 'outside of their clicke'... would be somethint like this:

- a 2-stage party, on 2-different nights. The first night is to get acquainted with the others playing this game. AFTER the first party (a day or two), attendees would randomly be assigned each other's role. (This would promote mingling with everyone at the first party, since you might have to play any one of them, and could use the first-hand info).
- At the second party, there's a front, 'pre-party' room, and the main 'VIP'-ish room. To get into the main room, another party guest must successfully identify who you are 'being', and YOU must successfully identify one guest yourself. To make it interesting, no sexual-acts are allowed in the front, ONLY in the main-VIP-area.
- Since all would be 'lifestylers', any 'couples' that are 'paired up' because of who they're character is, is playing that character AT a swinger's party... so not 'playing' with your 'fictitious' partner would fit right into the story, so there wouldn't really be 'pressure' to do anything you didn't want to..

Any thought, ideas, comments, suggestions, inspirations??

My experience with anything of this type is that LOTS of people SAY they THINK its GREAT!! ...but everyone's scarce-as-can-be, if you try to ACT-u-al-ly put it together...

Has anyone successfully put together something similar?

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6:21 pm
The now-defunct 'Temptare' done Right...
Very (within the last few weeks) recently, a WebSite-based game came-and-went, that diluted the fun right-out-of-itself. It was named 'Temptare', and had a simple premise.

(As a member of their site) you set up 'games' that your friends log-in and register for. Then it takes that list, and every week randomly pairs the players up.

Each round lasted a full week, and was played just 'during the course' of you living your life that week! (Now THAT is HOT!)

Each paired-couple was given a task (here's where they chickened-out), like 'meet up in a park, and Player A give Player B a foot rub', or whatever. If you did it, each of you get so-many-points (tougher tasks got more points).

It was the honor-system, players log in, and just 'say' they did it. Any time or place during the whole-week of that round, was A-O.K., unless the task said different.

Also, each round, 1-and-only-1 of the randomly-paired-couples got offered the option to do a 'dare'. But the catch, you have to answer yes-or-no BEFORE you get to know WHO or WHAT it is. It only gets 'activated' if BOTH of the pair say 'yes'.

These, were generally a little tougher tasks (I think I saw 'meet up in a park, and staying in public, end up leaving wearing-each-others-underwear' ooooh, wow, they sure knew how to push the edge, eh?!!).

If the 'dare' got 'activated', and the pair does it, they get the points (dare points were higher numbers). But if they DIDN'T, they both LOST that many points.

And they still had their regular 'round' of a task, at the same time.

Games were played to a certain number of points, until one of the players wins.


Okay, an interesting starting-concept, I like it. But, espescially with the computer/web-site involved, it could be Oh-So-Much-Better... (as a self-employed computer-consultant, I guess a look at it differently).

I say, when each player 'registers', they answer a whole-series-of-questions as to what 'limits' they're ready to play up to, what 'limits' they can handle their 'significant other' playing up to, what general geographic area they will play within, who they would-or-wouldn't be open to 'play with', etc...

The computer can then put together the most-lusciously-stimulating pairs-and-tasks, tailored specifically to each player involved. And if a couple each puts in honest answers, they will get the absolutely most true stimulation possible. It would match their REAL turn-ons/offs, not the 'surface, easy-answer, watered-down' turn-ons/offs they might otherwise SAY they wanted/didn't-want.

Obviously, the computer can handle Large groups as well (I think the mentioned site had a 5-person limit. ridiculous). Espescially if you get 'geographic play boundaries' as part of the info. A game could span an entire County, or even State..!!

Since it would be tailored to whatever the players wanted-and-could/couldn't-handle, there'd OB-vi-ous-ly be a FULL-RANGE of timid-to-Tawdry task and dares to be played.

Could be hot, Hot, HOT..!!

The bit still nagging me is the whole 'self-reporting' if you 'did' the tasks or not. Maybe somehow have 3-players randomly-paired? 2-to-perform-the-task, and the third to be an objective 'judge', present at the event to validate it?

What'ya guys think??

Any other twists or changes you can see??

Does this whole idea spark-anyone-elses-frisky-ness-buzzer, or just mine??

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